Thermographic Fever Screening System

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Solution Composition

1* 2MP Bullet thermal camera, 1*Black body , 2*Tripod, 1*PC Client


• High accuracy with blackbody, only ±0.3℃ deviation.

• Easy installation and simple configuration.

• Display on visible light & thermal live view

• Alarm for abnormal temperature of multi people at the same time

• Capture when alarm is triggered

• Auto Correction of body and surface temperatures

Set up tips:

• Keep the distance between target and camera about 2.5 ~3.5 m

• The black body is used together with body temperature measurement bullet,

1.5m ~ 3m away from the camera

• Make sure that the black body would not be blocked by other targets

during temperature measurement

• Recommend to set up the solution in a stable environment without wind in the

indoor space .

  • Additional Information

    Optimized AI algorithm

    Support detect faces

    wearing masks

    Multi-target Face


    Quick screening and

    reduce false alarm caused

    by other objects.

    Precautions during installation:

    1.Thermal camera lens face blackbody radiation surface.

    2.Camera installation should be higher than

    blackbody, and the top view angle is the best.

    3. Blackbody should be in the corner of the thermal camera

    live view.

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